P.I.G.TONES -Politically Incorrect GPS Voices!
For Garmin and Tom Tom portable car units
(We used a Garmin nuvi 760 for these tests)
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Tired of listening to Jack and Jill?  Try a few PIG Tones to break the monotony!  We downloaded four voices, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Billy Bob (Thornton?), and Sargeant Hartman.  These zipped voice files (but not all) contain: .vpm voice files, GTonesSetup.exe,  and .vup files to add voices to the G-Tones Library, plus .txt instructions.

Installing the G-Tones Library:
Run GTonesSetup.exe.  This will install the Library shown above.  Find and run the .vup files to place the voices in the Library.  From there you can listen to a sample of the file audio.  However, we could find no evidence that you could actually install voices from the Library.

Uploading voice files:
Just unzip the voices and copy the .vpm files to the nuvi: \Garmin\Voice folder.  In the unit, select American English and look for the voices beginning with PIGTones.  Each zipped voice file contained a .vpm voice file, except for Billy Bob, so we were not able to upload that voice.

Once installed, these new voices will provide an entertaining (and sometimes shocking!) diversion for driving.

Now don't get lost out there -youall!  (Punk?)

jack yeazel