A GPS User Manual:
Working with Garmin Receivers

By: Dale DePriest

Working with Garmin This is the table of contents for an operation manual for Garmin handheld receivers. This online version is an unpolished version of my book. The online version will continue to be available on my web site and updated as time permits but changes will focus on the paper and pdf book. The book is available from 1st book publishers in either electronic (pdf) or as a paperback. The paperback book will also be available at traditional and other online bookstores as ISBN: 1-4033-9824-0. It covers all Garmin handheld receivers from the older multiplex units to the latest and greatest full featured units at the time of printing. Note that there are significant differences between this online version and the published version. I will be adding an addendum describing changes in Garmin products that have occured since the book was published which will supplement the main manual.

This manual does not cover the street pilot series since they are not handhelds, specific marine units, or dedicated aviation units (except the III pilot as an aviation example), but you may find general information to be applicable to any Garmin unit. I have included a chapter that describes the general features of these units. Since I don't own every model of Garmin receiver and since some simplification of details is necessary in a manual with this much scope there could be discrepancies in this presentation. Please let me know of anything you find. The information in this manual is based on Garmin documentation, my own experiences, and data collected from the gps newsgroup sci.geo.satellite-nav. This newsgroup is a great source of information. etrex
emap This manual is designed to complement the Garmin supplied user manual but is intended to be complete enough that it could substitute for that manual if you don't have one. You should also download the Garmin manuals from their website.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Theory
  3. Working with the user interface
  4. Working with the Garmin Screens
  5. Working with coordinates and units
  6. Working with waypoints
  7. Working with tracklogs
  8. Working with routes
  9. Working with autoroutes
  10. Navigating with your Garmin
  11. Working with the Simulation Mode, gps off, or Use inside
  12. Working with databases (maps, cities, jeppesen)
  13. Working with MapSource
  14. Undocumented features
  15. Working with the computer interface
  16. Miscellaneous functions
  17. Accessories
  18. Technical Details
  19. Other Garmin receivers
  20. Appendix
  21. Addendum

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Dale DePriest

This document and all the pages referenced by this document that are also written by me are copyrighted. All rights reserved. Some drawings were captured in g7to, some were drawn by me, and some were supplied by vendors.